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Meet FerretDB at Percona University in Casablanca and Belgrade

· 2 min read
Peter Benei

Meet FerretDB at Percona University in Casablanca and Belgrade

FerretDB joins Percona University to bring a truly open-source MongoDB alternative to the Casablanca, Morocco, and Belgrade, Serbia database community. Our CEO, Peter Farkas, will share insights on transitioning from MongoDB to FerretDB, the open-source MongoDB alternative using PostgreSQL as the backend.

We are excited to support database communities worldwide with open-source database solutions. FerretDB's goal is to prove a truly open-source solution for MongoDB users, helping them transition their workloads using Postgres.

That's why we joined forces with Percona University to meet with community members in two amazing locations in the upcoming weeks.

First, on the 27th of June, we will visit Casablanca, Morocco. It will be a great opportunity to discover not just FerretDB's solution but also learn more about migrating to MySQL8, benchmarking open-source databases with Manticore Search, switching to Kubernetes with Ivinco, or more details about Kafka from EDC4IT and Zen Networks.

Next, we will visit Belgrade, Serbia, on the 5th of July. Community members in Belgrade can learn more about Percona, how to work with Percona distributions and making a career out of open source. On top of it, we will also present our solution for the community.

Both Percona events are free to attend. You can grab your tickets here:

Register to save your spot. Excited to meet you there!